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    'Scrollable' TIMELINE from

Adam to Noah

Chart 1

Terah’s family tree

Chart 2

Abraham to Moses

Chart 3

Enemies & prophets of Judah & Israel (1 & 2 Kings)

Chart 4


Map 1

Middle East from Italy to Persian Gulf

Map 2


Map 3

Abraham’s Journey - Canaan

Map 4

Routes through Canaan

Map 5

Canaan to Mesopotamia: where four Kings came from.

Map 6

Canaan (Gen. 14) where the four Kings attacked.

Map 7

Genesis 20, 21 Abraham at Gerar

Map 8

Carmel to Sinai

Map 9

Egypt - Sinai - Midian

Map 10

Canaan with tribal boundaries

Map 11

Canaan with routes 57

Map 12

Kingdoms of Israel and Judah  57a

Map 13

Exodus - Israelites camp By the Red Sea

Map 14

Sinai Peninsula

Map 15


Map 16

Galilee to Jerusalem

Map 17

Palestine in the time of Jesus

Map 18

Paul’s second missionary journey (coloured)

Map 120

Layout of the Temple

Map 121

Paul’s second missionary journey(two colours)

Map 122

Modern-day countries around the Mediterranean sea

Map 123


Map 124

Routes - Galilee to Jerusalem

Map 125

Area north of Jerusalem

Map 126

Area around Jerusalem

Map 127

Judea and Samaria

Map 128

Beersheba to Antioch

Map 129

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