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These online Bible study notes or guides are free for you to use for small groups, for individual Bible studies, or as Bible commentaries.

About fifty years ago an old book grabbed my attention. According to the flyleaf it had been given to someone in 1888. It was ‘Elijah : And the Secret of his Power’ by F B Meyer.

The style of writing was archaic and hard to understand, so I set about re-writing it in modern English.

I failed, many years later I had got to the end, but I had lapsed into the thought patterns of the author, and it was far from modern.

Having retired, my wife and I moved to Devon and joined a Baptist Church. I was asked to lead a small Bible Study group and I found a new purpose in doing something with ‘Elijah’.

Over the years we have covered many books of the Bible and I have gradually adopted a style for my notes. It is these that are offered here, and Elijah is among them (Still with some ‘old’ phrases)!  

Despite my best efforts it is possible that some maps, pictures or charts etc that I included for my studies may be copyrighted material the use of which may not always have been authorized by the copyright owner.

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I intend to update this site regularly, adding the studies I have already prepared, then moving into new studies as I am able. However I have recently set about making pages mobile-friendly and this will take some time!

This may also unfortunately introduce 'display' errors and missed pages. For this I apologise; if I don't remedy it quickly, please email me with what you found.

I previously used 'Google Analytics' and 'Statcounter' to give me information on how many people used this website but I don't like people tracking what I do online, so I will remove all tracking from the 'new format' web pages

As there are about 200 pages and I do approx 1 a week this may take some time!

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