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Tables and Maps

These online Bible study notes or guides are free for you to use for small groups, for individual Bible studies, or as Bible commentaries.

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Adam to Noah timeline

Terah to Isaac family tree (*)

Chart of Plagues of Egypt

1850s to 3020s Great-grandparents to great-grandchildren

1310bc to 1080bc Great-grandparents to great-grandchildren

Timeline of Abraham to David (*)

Levi family tree up to David/Solomon

Kings, Chronicles & Prophets – God’s intervention (*)

Kings Ahab:Jehu, Jehoshaphat:Athaliah

New Testament timeline 3bc-33ad

New Testament timeline 34-54ad

New Testament timeline 55-80ad

Herod's family tree

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Maps used in OT studies

Pangea - Possible early Earth

Middle East from Mt Ararat

Area around Babylon

Abraham's Journey


Israel to Shinar

Israel attacked by Kedorlaomer

West of Dead Sea


Israel (Samaria and Judah)

Rameses to Red Sea

Exodus route map 1


Exodus route map 2

Amorites attack Gibeon

Joshua and the 5 kings

Tribes of Israel

Allocation of Land

Battle at Gibeah

Judges battles



Philistine country

The Ark – stolen and returnedr

Saul searches for donkeys

The battle at Michmash

David flees from Saul

Philistines and Saul travel north to battle

Philistines' and Saul's plan of attack

Map showing central tribes

David in 1 Samuel

Mount Carmel

From Carmel to Sinai

Divided Kingdom

Elijah & Elisha

Maps used in NT studies

Israel time of Jesus

Galilee to Jerusalem

N T roads through Israel

Saul's journey to Tarsus

Pauls first missionary journey

Paul's second missionary journey

Paul's second journey (detail a)

Paul's second missionary journey (detail b)

Paul's second journey (detail c)

Paul's second missionary journey (detail d)

Paul's third journey

Pauls journey to Rome.jpg