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The first study overlaps between 1 & 2 Samuel - the Intro explains why.

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Intro to 1&2 Samuel,
1&2 Kings and
1&2 Chronicles

Intro to
Samuel, Kings
& Chronicles

Abner brokers peace.
Joab kills Abner.
Ish-bosheth assasinated.

2 Samuel
3 & 4

David crowned King of all Israel. Captures Jerusalem. Drives off the Philistines.
Attempts to bring the Ark to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel

David sucessfully brings the Ark to Jerusalem. Intends to build the Temple

2 Samuel
5:11 to 7:29

David defeats surrounding nations. Told to stay in Jerusalem.

2 Samuel

David's Mighty Men. Bathsheba.

2 Samuel
& 11:1-5

Bathsheba pregnant, Uriah dies, Nathan prophesies, Psalm 51, child dies.

2 Samuel
& 12:1-19

Ammonites defeated. More repercussions of David's sin, Amnon rapes Tamar, Absalom kills him, tries to claim the throne.

2 Samuel
to 15:14

More repercussions of David's sin: David escapes. Mephibosheth & Ziba. Absalom sleeps with David's wives.

2 Samuel
to 17:29

Absalom fights David but is killed in battle.
David returns.

2 Samuel

David's psalm, numbering troops, plague.

2 Samuel

David's instructions for the Temple. Adonijah's failed attempt at the throne. Solomon crowned.

1 Kings 1-2
1 Chronicles

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