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Joshua 1-24

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I think the route shown on this map is quite possible. It is copied from:

1. Rameses: Israel was thrust out of Egypt (Ex. 12; Num. 33:5).

2. Succoth: After the Hebrews left this first campsite, the Lord attended them in a cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night (Ex. 13:20–22).

3. Pi-hahiroth: Israel passed through the Red Sea (Ex. 14; Num. 33:8).

4. Marah: The Lord healed the waters of Marah (Ex. 15:23–26).

5. Elim: Israel camped by 12 springs (Ex. 15:27).

6. Wilderness of Sin: The Lord sent manna and quail to feed Israel (Ex. 16).

7. Rephidim: Israel fought with Amalek (Ex. 17:8–16).

8. Mount Sinai (Mount Horeb or Jebel Musa):) The Lord revealed the Ten Commandments (Ex. 19–20).

9. Sinai Wilderness: Israel constructed the tabernacle (Ex. 25–30).

10. Wilderness Camps: Seventy elders were called to help Moses govern the people (Num. 11:16–17).

11. Ezion-geber: Israel passed through the lands of Esau and Ammon in peace (Deut. 2).

12. Kadesh-barnea: Moses sent spies into the promised land; Israel rebelled and failed to enter the land; Kadesh served as the main camp of Israel for many years (Num. 13:1–3, 17–33; 14; 32:8; Deut. 2:14).

13. Eastern Wilderness: Israel avoided conflict with Edom and Moab (Num. 20:14–21; 22–24).

14. Arnon River: Israel destroyed the Amorites who fought against them (Deut. 2:24–37).

15. Mount Nebo: Moses viewed the promised land (Deut. 34:1–4). Moses delivered his last three sermons (Deut. 1–32).

16. Plains of Moab: The Lord told Israel to divide the land and dispossess the inhabitants (Num. 33:50–56).

17. Jordan River: Israel crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. Near Gilgal, stones from the bottom of the Jordan River were placed as a monument of Jordan’s waters being divided (Josh. 3:1–5:1).

18. Jericho: The children of Israel captured and destroyed the city (Josh. 6).

To The Promised Land.
Spies - to Rahab's house; escape.
Ark first into River Jordan,
people cross on dry land.


12 stones frpm Jordan.
Men circumcised.
Ate produce of land, manna stopped.
Battle of Jericho.


Sin of Achan, defeat at Ai. Sin discovered, Achan punished. Ai attacked and taken. Joshua reads Blessings And Curses.


Tribes, nations, chiefs & Kings
Deceived by four kings.
Attacked by five kings. Hail, sun stopped: sucess! Southern Canaan defeated.


Major attack from north. Israel victorious.
Joshua conquers all Canaan (except . . .)

various to
chapter 21

Tribes settle east Jordan
build altar - trouble -
problem solved.
Promised Land settled but
warnings repeated.


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