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The last study overlaps between 1 & 2 Samuel

18 free online Bible study commentary guides in 1 Samuel. They are for you to use for small groups, for individual Bible studies, or as Bible commentaries.

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An introduction to 1 Sam.
Levi, Levites & Priests.
Israelites forsook the Lord.

1 Samuel

Elkanah, Hannah and Peninnah: Eli.
Birth of Samuel. Ephod

1 Samuel
1 & 2

Sins of Eli's sons.
Call of Samuel -
accepted as a Prophet

1 Samuel
2, 3 & 4

War with the Philistines.
Death of Eli and his sons.
Capture of the Ark.

1 Samuel

Fall of Dagon, Ark returned.
Israel turn back to God.
Philistines defeated

1 Samuel
5, 6 & 7

Samuel's sons backslide.
Leaders ask for a king.
Saul searches for donkeys

1 Samuel
8 & 9

Samuel anoints Saul,
Saul chosen as king.
Victory over Ammonites

1 Samuel
10 & 11

Samuel lectures israelites,
Saul doesn't wait.
Philistines attack.

1 Samuel
12 & 13

Jonathan raids Philistines
Panic sent by God - routed
Saul sees sense.

1 Samuel

Saul disobeys God.He
is rejected, David anointed
Saul sends for David

1 Samuel
15 & 16

David and Goliath.

1 Samuel

David friends with Jonathan
Saul afraid, tries to kill him.
Marries Michal: saves him.

1 Samuel
18 & 19

Saul intends to kill David
David to priest at Nob
Feigns insanity.

1 Samuel
20 & 21

David in cave of Adullam
Saul kills priests at Nob
Saul persues David.

1 Samuel
22 & 23

Saul and David in a cave.
Death of Samuel.
Nabal - David - Abigail.

1 Samuel
24 & 25

Saul seeks David who
takes his spear and Jug.
David living with Philistines

1 Samuel
26 & 27

Phil's attack, Saul terrified.
Witch of Endor: Samuel.
David beats Amalekites.

1 Samuel
28, 29 & 31

Philistines kill Saul & sons.
David laments.
Asahel killed by Abner

1 Sam. 31
2 Samuel
1 & 2

Levi's family tree up to the time of David and Solomon

Levi family tree

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