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Difficult Questions

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What is God?

Does the question make you feel uncomfortable? Would you prefer it to ask: Who is God? But that would suggest that God is a person and we haven’t got there yet.

Or maybe you’re uncertain: is there actually a God? This may help you make up your mind.

So I shall have to decide here and now whether to refer to God as he or she rather than it. ‘He’ or ‘she’ refers to a person; ‘It’ suggests something that is more impersonal, maybe physical and describable, or perhaps something else – maybe not physical, or not easily describable. Therefore I’ll use ‘it’ for the time being, until we’ve decided otherwise.

I make no apology here for quoting from the Bible. It has been described as God’s book so it may be sensible to see what it says. As God is decidedly not physical it must be something else. The Bible says ‘God is Spirit’ – but what does that mean?

Do you sometimes feel that there must be more than the physical universe that we experience every day: that there must be another dimension? It does exist and it is God’s dimension, and it is vast – timeless, everlasting, never-ending, infinite in size. For God to be truly God it could not be anything less.

So let’s start with some descriptions of what God must be like:

There can only be one God. Nothing or no one could ever claim equality with almighty God.

It cannot be possible to limit God in any way – otherwise God would not be Almighty.

Linked to that is the fact that God can do anything – no-one can say ‘God can’t do that’.

By saying that God can do anything, we are already accepting that God is able to do things. So we are forced to use the only terminology available to us and say that God has to be alive.

Not a robot or machine controlled by something else, because the ‘something else’ would then be God.

To say that God is alive, and much more than just an animal, or a human, means that we have to then use terms like ‘he’ or ‘she’. But both words imply gender, so for now I’ve decided to use ‘He’ with a capital H and we can now add to our list:

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